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Communal Cremations

We can collect your pet from your home* or alternatively you can contact Summerleaze by telephone or email to arrange an appointment to bring your pet to us. Should you choose to come to Summerleaze, (click here for directions) you will be shown into the Farewell Room, where soft music plays. Here, you can say your final farewells and take some time to reflect.

Unfortunately, there can be no ashes returned following this service. However, you may obtain a certificate of cremation upon request.

*We provide a collection service for many veterinary practices throughout England & Wales. If your chosen veterinary practice is one of our clients, it is likely that they can make arrangements to collect your pet for cremation from the practice.  

Private Individual Cremations

A private cremation ensures that your pet’s ashes can be returned to you in a vessel which you will be invited to select during your visit to Summerleaze. We have a wide range of tasteful and dignified urns and caskets to choose from. Some of these can be seen here. Certificates of cremation are also available for private cremations.

You may also care to scatter or inter your pets ashes in our garden of remembrance. This is only available when a private cremation has been performed.

The Garden of Remembrance at Summerleaze
Our beautifully maintained and ornate gardens are quiet, peaceful and secluded and open for you to visit – but only by appointment. The gardens are divided into five plots and you can choose which plot your pet’s ashes will be interred in or scattered upon. Each plot in the garden has a unique place in our plotting grid so that your pet’s plot is completely identifiable. Each plot is available for purchase at a small fee for periods of 10 years.

Headstones, shrubs and small ornaments can also be placed near your plot to commemorate your pet’s life and passing.


Summerleaze does  not accommodate Horse cremations

Should you require assistance with a pony or horse which has passed away, please contact Mrs Debbie Williams at Williams Equine Services on 07496 871012 or email


Do contact us for more details.