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FAQs for Pet Owners

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get from the General Public.  If you would like clarification of any matter mentioned on this page, please call us and speak with one of our staff.

Q: Do you hold all the appropriate licences and permits to carry out your services?
A: Yes. Summerleaze is governed by a range of strict codes and permits for transport and cremation. We hold all the licences and permits to offer a full range of services to the general public and veterinary practices.

Q: Are you Inspected by any Governing bodies or Government Agency ?
A: Yes. We are inspected regularly by the Environmental Agency and Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) as well as the local council (Newport City Council). Any one of these bodies retains the right to inspect our premises at any time (24 Hours a Day) to ensure that all is in order. All three bodies have the power to immediately revoke our licences or permits following contravention of any of our licence condition.

Q: How do I know that I have my own pet’s ashes
A: Each Pet that comes into Summerleaze for a Private Individual Cremation is cremated on its own. Our staff take great care to ensure that your pet is tracked by a card system from the moment it arrives until it leaves us in the chosen vessel.

Q: Can I buy a vessel directly from Summerleaze
A: Yes, we offer a wide selection of vessels to suit every type and size of pet. Visit the “Urns & Casks” page on our web site, make your choice then email us or call to speak with one of our staff about prices and availability.

Q: I have already purchased a vessel for my pet’s ashes. Can I have the ashes returned to me in a package or carton ?
A: Unfortunately, we are not permitted to release ashes unless they are in a appropiate vessel. If you want to us to use a particular vessel, we can accommodate this. Just send your vessel to us or arrange for your vet to send it to us. We will place your pet’s ashes in that vessel . Please note that your vet may make a small charge for sending the vessel to us.

Q: Can I watch my pet being cremated ?
A: With the best intentions, we do try to discourage pet owners who make this request. Our experience has shown that it can be unnecessarily upsetting experience and it is perhaps not the best image on which to part with an old friend and ‘member of the family’. Similar to arrangements at human crematoriums, we believe that chapel offers the best gateway for you to say your final goodbyes. However, we have a comprehensive ‘Open Door’ policy at Summerleaze and you are welcome to visit us and our facilities at most times. It is essential that you make an appointment for such a visit and we will do our best to meet your needs and answer your questions.

Q: Can you cremate Humans ?
A: No. We are not permitted to cremate humans. (We have been asked on more than one occasion!)