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Margaret & John Kington says (08/01/2012 21:40:39):
Summerleaze cremated our dog Poppy on 28th December. We had no knowledge of procedure, after care or anything else. In deep grief we and Poppy were treated with care, kindness and empathy.
We could not believe the thought with which the beech box of Poppy's ashes was packaged for us to collect. Everything exceeded our expectations.
We would like to thank Summerleaze from the bottom of our hearts.
John and Margaret Kington
Helen says (03/01/2012 22:45:09):
I had my rat Jacoby recently cremated and I must say that I was overwhelmed with joy when I received the beautiful wooden box with a shiny plaque and a wonderful little certificate... it felt like you'd treated him with absolute respect and like he mattered, which meant alot to me. I was very close to Jacoby, he was a very special rat living to five years old... I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care and respect you had shown.

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