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paul & gail jonusas says (16/04/2012 20:29:07):
we have had the need to use summerleaze twice since april 2010 and found all the staff very helpful and proffesional we were treated with the best of care and help throughout .
we cannot thank the staff enough for the way they helped through out.
andrew slater says (20/02/2012 17:12:07):
with great sadness we said goodbye to our welsh terrier rupert on the 15th february after being our companion for 17 years, he is greatly missed. his ashes are to be burried in a sunny corner of our garden. thank you summerleaze for all that you have done for us in this difficult time.
Gillian Webster says (16/02/2012 20:03:27):
Since 2005 I have had to make several visits to Summerleaze saying a final goodbye to my cats Bear,Sue, Jake, Fluffy and Chantik in the Chapel. Tomorrow Felix will make his final journey. There is something very special about Summerleaze. A beautiful, peaceful place to say a final goodbye to a special pet. I cannot thank the staff enough for their total dedication to the service they have provided and their care and understanding at what is always a devastating time for any pet lover.
Blessing to all of them
Angie says (08/02/2012 21:06:03):
We sadly had to have our wonderful brave courageous Charlie dog put to sleep 10 days ago. I collected his ashes this afternoon from the vets, shedding a tear. I was so reassured when I opened the box to find the beautiful casket with his name on it, I felt he had been treated with respect, thank you Summerleaze.
He was a King among dogs and we miss him dreadfully after 13 years as part of our family.
Thank you Summerleaze, a sad Angie, Peter and family.
Kathryn Macrae says (04/02/2012 22:33:33):
Our beloved family cat died suddenly in early December and our vet arranged for her to be cremated. We had no idea what to expect and were only just coming to terms with not having her around when we collected her ashes from the vets this week. The beautiful box, plaque and flowers were a lovely touch which reduced me to tears again in the surgery! Losing her was such a shock, but it really helps to have found your website and seen where she went and how she was obviously treated with respect. Thank you for helping to make this sad process a little easier.
Ann Whitmore says (28/01/2012 17:09:46):
Our cat T2 died aged 21yrs on 28/12.11. Our vet arranged for her to be cremated and her ashes returned to us. I was so thrilled when we had her ashes back and the way they had been presented in a clay urn and boxed with her name on and a spray of flowers plus a certificate. Just have to say how pleased we were to get her back and the presentation was beautiful and showed a lot of care and thought........Thank you for the service you provide and the care to detail is first class.
Julie-Anne Beesley says (27/01/2012 17:36:02):
Our lovely dog Jordan was put to sleep on 17th January 2012 after a long struggle with elbow dysplacia and our vet finding a tumor in her elbow. She was 9 years old and had a wonderful life living most of her life in South Africa and arriving in the UK in 2010. I collected her ashes on Tuesday, yet again the tears flowing, but was very impressed in the way you had placed her ashes in a beautiful wooden box. I would like to thank you for everything you have done, she is finally back in her loving home.
Steve Nicholls says (27/01/2012 01:36:17):
Thankyou so much for your wonderfull service and the care you gave to my baby boy Thomas, He was abandoned on the street and lived rough for six years, before he came to us, he had such a hard time to survive against the odds, no one knew just how old he was the vets thought about 14 years, We only had him for a couple of years when he died, we could not have loved him any more than we did, he was fine playing in the garden in the morning sun, he became ill and he was rushed to the vet sadly he died on route, all within half a hour, it was his heart nothing could have been done to save him, our hearts are broken, without you it would be much worse, I collected him today thanks to you he has come home.
Lianne Bunce says (21/01/2012 10:51:25):
We lost our beautiful tiny yorkie Millie on January 4th 2012 due to a very tragic accident. We were in such a distressed state when we left the vets and the next day I rang Summerleaze to find out what was going to happen. Millie had already been collected and cremated and this brought such relief to us. We collected her on the following Monday from our vets and were over the moon with everything.
Thank you all so very much for your care and dignity shown xx
Stephanie Evans says (17/01/2012 15:12:25):
I had my dog Scooby cremated In Dec 2011 and my other dog Trixie cremated in Jan 2008. The way in which I received my pets back was so thoughtful and I rest assured that they were handled with dignity. I am still grieving at present but a big thank you for the care and respect shown.

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