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Emma says (19/07/2012 19:22:56):
We lost our beautiful girl Suzie (11 year old white GSD) to degenerative myelopathy on Thursday 12/July/2012. Putting her to sleep broke our hearts. Our vet arranged her cremation and we had no idea what to expect but thank you so SO much for the dignified way Suzie was returned home. The pink flowers and certificate both surprised and comforted us. I'm glad that I visited your site (I really wanted to thank you) - Summerleaze looks beautiful and it seems that you offer such a caring & individual service.

We're missing our girl terribly and, although we considered scattering her in the sea (she LOVED swimming), we've decided to bury her in a sunny spot in the garden and plant a white rose bush in her honour. Love you, Suze!

And thank you, Summerleaze =)
Daniel Davies says (17/07/2012 22:16:59):
Will miss you so much Billy. I grew up with you and shared my life with you. We loved to play football in the field and Billy dribbled the ball. He loved to fetch me from school with granddad. Words can never replace my beloved Billy. RIP Billy. Buff will never forget you . Love Danny x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x
Becky Pitney says (17/07/2012 21:02:35):
We lost our baby brother Bouncer on the 7.7.12. He was such a character to us, he brought so much joy into our lives. We all loved him so much. He loved to go every where in the car if we went out. He loved the garden and loved Danny. He will always be here in our hearts , we will love you for ever Billy. Rest in Peace. Becky Richard and Danny x x x x x x
Lennie & Mike Pitney. says (17/07/2012 20:49:10):
We recently lost our beloved Bouncer. He was a beautiful Papillion - 17 years old - like a baby to us and all the family. We loved him very much today. We received his ashes in a beautiful beech casket. I thank you so much for all the care. He will be with us forever. Thank you so much Lennie, Mike and Family xxx
Pam Burgess says (13/07/2012 13:40:52):
I lost my best friend Robbie on 28/6/12 - he was a large black and white Springer Spaniel who lived for 13 years and was much loved by everyone who knew him for his wonderful friendly temperament. to people and other dogs. He was a very beautiful and handsome dog. When the Vet took him away I was bereft and did not know what to expect. The return of his ashes in such a dignified and thoughtful way has helped me a lot. Though we never met I am grateful for what you did for him.
Lisa Taylor says (09/07/2012 18:22:51):
I have just collected my beautiful 16 year old cat's ashes. She looked after me when I had depression and you looked after my baby and returned her to me in such a lovely casket. I can see the love and attention you gave her, so from me and Tess Thank you x
Carol Barnes says (09/07/2012 11:24:56):
We collected our darling Trixie Barnes from our vets Golden Valley in Nailsea this morning. Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation of her ashes. We will put them in her favourite spot in the garden X
Jackie Crocker says (09/07/2012 09:51:54):
I would like to say a big thank you for your kindness and respect in the way you obviously showed towards Honey, I was deeply touched in the way she was returned to us. Many thanks again x
June Phillips says (04/07/2012 14:41:46):
Thank you so much for allowing us to pick up our beloved Tara from you on Tuesday, instead of having to wait for her to be brought back to Abbey vets in Abergavenny this Friday. Tara my beautiful cavalier king charles was put to sleep on 25/6/12, after a long illness. Now at last Tara is back home with us where she belongs. We miss her so much, and the pain will never go away. Tara you gave us 12 1/2yrs of pure bliss, I would give my all to have you sat on my lap again. R.I.P my dear sweet gentle Tara (no more panting) only sweet dreams of your younger days, on the beaches of West Wales. mum & dad xxx
Sandra Walters says (03/07/2012 16:58:02):
I collected my Henry today from my vets. Thank you all at Summerleaze for the lovely dignfied way you looked after him. I miss him everyday but feel comforted knowing he is now back with us at home.

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