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Ann Harrison says (21/08/2012 12:57:23):
I collected my handsome boy Kenny from the vets today. He very sadly passed away on the 4th August 2012 and was cremated with you on 9th August. He was my best friend and the most handsome loving dog ever. I miss him so much and cry every day for him. I just want to say thank you for his cremation and the lovely carved casket he was returned in and the flowers (which I've now put on his casket) and certificate are a lovely touch. He is back with his mummy now and will always be by my side. Miss you pumpkin so so much, All my love. Mummy xxxx
Julie says (10/08/2012 22:34:14):
I sadly lost my little boy Benji last Thursday after 13and a half years of devoted love from him and his family. We were all shocked as he became ill really quick and there was no cure. He passed away with me and my girls with him. It was an emotional time and we miss him terribly.
The vets were very kind and we decided to have him cremated and have him home. The presentation is so sweet - very touching and the last caring thing I could do for him. He is home now and I can't bring myself to scatter his ashes as I want him close. He will always have a special place in my heart. All my love to Benji Rip sweetie. Love you always.
Thank you for returning him to me xx
Steve and Vicky Howard says (06/08/2012 21:11:04):
We lost our Weirmaraner Bailey on the 30th July, he was a beautiful dog and will be missed by all that knew him. We have picked his ashes up from the vets tonight in a beautiful carved casket and feel very comforted by the obvious care that you give to our pets. Bailey was born in Magor and then laid to rest in Magor. Thank you so much.....Steve, Vicky, Erin and Jacob x
William Dymond says (03/08/2012 19:52:53):
We had to put our 13 yr old lab too sleep on the 24th July 2012. The vet arranged for his cremation. We have just come back from a short break and picked up his ashes form our vets. It was presented in a lovely box. just a quick thank you for a splendid service.
Kay Williams says (03/08/2012 09:57:28):
I reluctantly had to have my beautiful Lily always called 'Mothers Lily' put to sleep on 30 July after many months of 'going down hill' due to a stroke at Christmas time. She was a beautiful beautiful dog and a fabulous friend to us all for nearly 16 years and we were all very sad to lose her from our lives. After her cremation at Summmerleaze, it relieved us to see that her ashes were returned to us in a lovely terracota pot with dried flowers, it lifted our spirits and made us feel such a lot better. Thank you for looking after our baby for the short time she spent with you. Kay & Andrew Williams & Family x
Maxine Simpson says (28/07/2012 14:26:27):
Just collected our 19 year old cat Clarence from the vets just wanted to say thank you very much for sending her home in a beautiful carved box
Jackie Finnis says (26/07/2012 18:10:10):
Unfortunately, we have had to use your service twice throughout the last 10 years. First for my beautiful cat Simba and again last week for my other beautiful cat Jinxy. We miss them so much and still wait for the catflap to spring open. Big hugs and kisses to both mums boys. Thank you so much for returning them home to us via Fields Vet Newport with respect and dignity. Stay safe boys until we meet again. All my love Mummy, Ellie and
Claire Hankins says (23/07/2012 20:52:54):
My dog Kappa died on the 22nd 0f July 2012. I took him up to Summerleaze Pet Crematorium on Monday the 23rd of July . They were lovely with me and my family and they showed my dog so much respect and love. He was a long time family dog who was born on April the 5th 1996 and died on 22nd July 2012 so he had a very long life we pick him up on Tuesday . Can't believe he is not with us any more but we will be together again. I look forward to that and will pray for him everyday. Not a day will go by when I won't think of him. Love forever and always. Mammy Bear and BooBoo xxxx
Joanne Davies says (20/07/2012 19:05:53):
My lovely cat 'Genie' sadly passed away recently aged 14 and I have just collected her ashes from the vets. I just wanted to leave a note to tell you how touched I am at how we received her in a beautiful carved casket bearing her name and with lovely dried flowers and a certificate. Thank you ever so much for what you did for her and for returning her to us with such care.
Emma says (19/07/2012 19:22:56):
We lost our beautiful girl Suzie (11 year old white GSD) to degenerative myelopathy on Thursday 12/July/2012. Putting her to sleep broke our hearts. Our vet arranged her cremation and we had no idea what to expect but thank you so SO much for the dignified way Suzie was returned home. The pink flowers and certificate both surprised and comforted us. I'm glad that I visited your site (I really wanted to thank you) - Summerleaze looks beautiful and it seems that you offer such a caring & individual service.

We're missing our girl terribly and, although we considered scattering her in the sea (she LOVED swimming), we've decided to bury her in a sunny spot in the garden and plant a white rose bush in her honour. Love you, Suze!

And thank you, Summerleaze =)

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