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Stephen Cunningham-Collins says (28/10/2012 17:52:50):
I collected the Ashes of my devoted pal, Dizzy, my 13 year old Collie X. He was more than words can say. The dignity given to him by our vet practice, at Tredegar (Abbey), was wonderful. The compassion of the staff and Sian the vet was lovely. Thank you for your service, his remains were beautifully presented in lovely urn, with a simple posy. He will be sadly missed and i am greatful for many happy years. Miss you sweetheart. x
Laura, Lee Caitlin and Morgan Richardson says (19/10/2012 22:24:52):
Thank you so much. We have just picked up the ashes of our Golden Retriever Beau. She was in a beautiful casket with her name on. Our two and a half year old has been amazing with her acceptance of the loss of her best friend and it is nice for her to begin to understand and be able to say goodbye! She has been with us since before the children had arrived and has visited school so many times for the children to learn about caring for animals. She is the only dog I have seen to lie in the middle of the playground with fifty to sixty children and look at me to say are there anymore to tickle my tummy!!!! She will be missed by all. Thank you so much for a dignified end. X
Awel says (16/10/2012 16:54:25):
Massive thanks to everybody at Summerleaze. Just picked up my cat Hari's ashes in a lovely box with his name on it. Wierdly we rescued Hari from the vets when we went to pick up our old cat Blackie's ashes when he died at 19 years old 5 years ago and had Hari. He went through a broken tail shattered pelvis broken canine and broken ribs and paw after being ran over and dragged himself home after two weeks and also went back to our old house 8 miles away but after all that a few years ago he got bitten by whats believed to be a snake bite on his paw and unfortunately at only 5 years old eventually died of blood poisoning with the highest white blood cell count the vet had ever seen. It was absolutely heartbreaking to lose my boy, but its nice to have him here with me now, love you p :( xxx
natalie burgess says (12/10/2012 17:25:01):
I very sadly lost my beautiful tortoiseshell cat Lilly,to heart failure on the 4th oct,2012,i was heartbroken that i had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep,no more suffering my baby,RIP.I would just like to say a big thank you to Rowe vets in Thornbury,for all the care given to Lilly,in her last hours,especially Tim,and thank you so much to Summerleaze,for being so dignified in the return of Lilly's ashes,a lovely little casket,with a small bouquet of flowers on the box,which i picked up tonight from the vet.Thank you so much.MISS U LILLY SO MUCH XXXX
Chris & Lesley Davies says (12/10/2012 14:02:41):
Just collected the ashes of our darling dalmation Angel. Free to run again now. We will always love you our darling little girl. Thankyou for giving her respect and dignity.
Stephanie and Family says (10/10/2012 19:13:57):
Picked our baby Thai up from the vets today. Would love to say a massive thank you for giving Thai the send off she deserved. She had a great 12 years with us. Miss her more and more every day. House dont feel the same any more. Thank you for giving her respect and helping me bring her home xxx
Burnett family says (04/10/2012 20:45:54):
We would like to say many thanks for the beautiful way we received the ashes back of our much loved jack Russell. The casket is lovely. We also liked the way it was in a box with the little bouquet on it. It made us feel like our little dog had been in good hands and was treated kindly with respect.
We will always miss him but its nice to have his ashes back with us.
Helen and Gordon Feild 02/10/2012. says (02/10/2012 18:59:34):
We picked up the ashes of our beloved golden retreiver Honey today .She is home with us now and is no longer suffering.We would like to thank you for the beautifull box and little boquet which held her ashes.Thankyou also for all your care,it has helped us through this difficult time.Helen and Gordon Feild.
Rebecca Westmoreland says (10/09/2012 19:13:59):
Brought home my late Dad’s (David Westmoreland) treasured and beloved companion Jack Russell Terrier, Max today in a lovelY urn with touching dried flowers with a nice blue bow tied around them and a certificate. Just want to say Thank you very much. Really appreciate the care you took. He will be missed very much as he was the most lovable dog you could ever have.
Love you Maxi Boy RIP
Now with Daddy X X X X X X X
Collette, Andrew and family says (05/09/2012 17:55:27):
We lost our beloved Staffie Ria on the 24/8/2012. She was 11 years old she was such a big part of our lives and always will be. We have another Staffie of 14 years old who is missing her soul mate.The house will never be the same again without her little paws tip taping out to the kitchen to see what is going on.Today we went to pick up our little girls ashes and we just want to say that the way Summerleaze looked after her and the little touch with flowers has made this painful time a bit more bearable. We pray for her everyday and she will always be in our hearts. Love you Ria now and forever. Mum/Dad/Sasha xxxx

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