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peter and susan christian says (10/01/2013 17:40:43):
we have just collected the ashes of our darling springer spaniel Lacey from our vets,she very sadly had to be put down age 14 at our home on christmas eve.
She was a rescue dog and we had her for nine wonderful years and life will never be the same.we loved her so very much but having recieved her ashes back in such a lovely way we just wanted to say a big thank the casket,certificate and flowers it's all just beautiful.
Karen Jones says (07/01/2013 19:51:20):
Would like to say a big thank you for the service you provided for the lovely Tia Cronin, I had the pleasure of being part of Tias life for 4 years and what a pleasure it was. Tia was such a pleasant dog with a big personality she was a fun loving dog who gave attention to everyone and loved the attention back she gave so much love to her mam kelly and will be every so missed tia was one of a lind and will never find another one like her sleep tight tia lots of love and kisses to you girl xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cathy Farr says (03/01/2013 18:20:55):
After a mercifully short illness my beautiful Irish wolfhound was put to sleep on 14 December. I will never forget the dignity with which you treated Finn when we arrived and the respect you showed during what for us was an exceptionally traumatic and upsetting time. I will always be grateful to Park Vets for their superb care and for doing the right thing in the end. It was on their recommendation that we took Finn to you and as we discovered it was for good reason. He was cared for until the end and beyond, and we could not have wished for more. Thank you
Sharron Jones says (02/01/2013 00:32:01):
Just wanted to say thank you for offering this service. We lost our loyal, beloved dog Skye (aged 13) on Christmas Eve and we picked up her ashes yesterday from the vet. Her ashes came back beautifully presented in an urn with a sprig of dried flowers and a certificate. Still grieving for her (so is our other dog) but glad we got her back with us. RIP Skye and thank you for being such a lovely addition to out family. We will never forget you xxx
Tracey Pankhurst says (15/12/2012 19:32:46):
Thank you so much. I have just recieved back my beautiful German Shepard ashes, Jasmine. I am devastated by my girls loss after 12 wonderful years with her. This is my first pet cremation with Summerleaze and even though I didn't come up personally, due to it all being arranged through my vet practice. She will be truly missed, she was a big part to our family! Thank you for making her passing bearable. I am impressed with the urn set out beatuifully with Jasmines ashes inside. Thank you once again!!!! xxx
Claire Weaver says (06/12/2012 20:43:17):
After 16 wonderful years I lost my soul mate and best friend, my little cat, Minnie. I was devastated after she fought so hard in her little life. Summerleaze showed me so much compassion and kindness from the moment I picked up the phone, I could have asked for nothing more. So much privacy and dignity offered which was what I needed in this davastating time. Now I have my lifelong friend back with me in a beautiful casket, which was beautifully presented to me with a posy of flowers and certificate. Nothing can take away the pain ever but when you need that individual care, they come 2nd to none. Thank you so much.
KERRY ALLEN says (20/11/2012 19:32:20):
We were devastated to lose our darling cat Felix and we decided to have him cremated and his ashes returned home so that we could scatter them when the time feels right. When I collected his ashes from our local veterinary surgery it brought a tear to my eye when I saw the lovely box and the card accompanied by the tiny little wreath of dried flowers. I could not bear to open the box for several weeks but when I did I could not believe my eyes. A beautiful box adorned with little cats of all different shapes and colours, it was so lovely and I never expected to see that inside. You have obviously put so much thought into providing you services and it truly is a comfort. Thank you for your kindness and care at such a difficult time. It really did help us to accept that our beautiful boy had passed on.
Clare & Leigh says (15/11/2012 01:17:46):
We have had 3 of our little angels cremated with you guys and even though we were upset when we had to make the terrible decision to put our babies to sleep, knowing that they would be treated with kind hand and hearts from all your staff made that time a little less painful. We have had all our angels returned to us in beautiful caskets. A big thank you for taking the time to look after my babies xx
Bernadette Day says (14/11/2012 22:57:17):
We collected our baby girl (our white boxer) Lilly's ashes today from Fields vets in Newport who were fantastic with her when she passed suddenly on November 5th 8yrs old,
Would like to thank you for the way she was returned to us and the certificate was a lovely touch, it made collecting her much easier knowing she was treated well whilst in your care.
Mummy and daddy miss you so much, you had such a personality and life is so empty without you.
Love you always baby girl xxx
Doreen and David Sawkins says (14/11/2012 20:22:10):
My husband and I would like to thank everyone at Summerleaze for the professional caring service they provided. Our lovely whippet Loco died on November 4th and our home is so empty without him. We miss him terribly. Today he was brought back home in a beautiful casket by a lovely gentlemen from Summerleaze, sorry for all our tears when you arrived with Loco's ashes. Thank you again for looking after our lovely boy xx

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