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robert reddy says (03/04/2013 22:30:09):
We said our goodbyes to our wonderful bailey on the 28th March. We have today received his ashes from the vets and it has given us such a sense of relief knowing hes back with us. He was a stubborn but a wonderful bichon. One of a kind. We love him so much and always will. He fought hard over the last 3 years we are so proud of him. God bless our special bailey you will be in our memories forever. We miss you so much
Euronwy Doughty says (28/03/2013 22:52:10):
Our beloved dog Pero died on the 15th March and our vet arranged for him to be cremated. We had no idea what to expect and were only just coming to terms with not having him around when we collected his ashes from the vets today. The beautiful box, urn and flowers were a lovely touch. Losing him was such a shock after 15 years, but it really helps to have found your website and seen where he went and how he was obviously treated with respect. Thank you for helping to make this sad process a little easier.
Nicky and Neil Patterson says (27/03/2013 19:06:08):
It was heartbreaking to lose our treasured beautiful black lab Max, who had a short battle with cancer, he was a very special friend who was gentle and loving. Being at Summerleaze today, with the care of the team and the very special facility you have has given us a lot of comfort. Bringing him home after being cremated means he will not be alone and we will always have him with us. Thank you for having such an amazing service and team.
Sharon Chick says (26/03/2013 17:19:39):
We sadly said goodbye to our Yorkie Barney in Feb.He was an absolute darling who broke the mold where Yorkies are concerned.A little dog with a large heart.He deserved the very best and got that at Summerleaze.He was returned to us and his ashes scattered in his favourite place.The little fella has left a large hole in our lives.
diane evans says (25/03/2013 23:25:12):
I sadly lost my little mate toby on the 5.2.13 he was such a loveable dog and very faithful,he will always be sadly missed.we shared 12 lovely years together .love you always toby xxx
Sylvia Heather says (25/03/2013 17:26:27):
I have just picked up the ashes of my lovely Birman Cat Duggie from my vets who was put to sleep on the 13th March aged 14. He is going to be missed so much as he leaves behind his twin who is greiving for him. To have to take him to the vets was the hardest decision of my life but they say you have to be cruel to be kind and I am grateful that he is now at peace. Thank you to Summerleaze for treating him with dignity. Rest in Peace Duggie.
Mick Maddiver says (25/03/2013 14:02:09):
Mick Maddiver says : Recently at the age of 12 years my pet Rottweiler Gypsy passed away. She was a very special pet to my family and a best friend to me. She will be sadly missed by me, my wife, family and friends plus the village pub ! Her ashes, flowers and certificate were return to me in a beautiful manner, I cannot thank you enought for the dignified way you looked after her. Thank you once again.
Julie Ralph says (24/03/2013 10:17:19):
We recently had to say goodbye to our beautiful cat Poppy after 21years of tremendous pleasure and love. The decision had to be made very quickly and in a haze of emotion and when we decided on cremation we had no idea how it was going to be carried out. When we collected her ashes yesterday we could not believe how carefully and beautifully everything was presented and it has made such an awful few weeks more bearable. We are so grateful to Summerleaze for all your care and attention in looking after our queen when it mattered most. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
DarriellaCremin says (20/03/2013 20:41:09):
I recently lost my amazing bulldog lilly,she was a much loved family member, who is so sadly missed. I'd just like to say a big thanks to summer leaze,for making this horrible time more bearable,the service you give is amazing. Thank you for letting us show our lilly are final respects.
Sue Gould says (08/03/2013 18:41:34):
I lost my darling Cavalier Molly aged 8 and collected her ashes today from my local vet. My one comfort is that she died in my arms at home after a long fight against a very poor heart condition and I am heartbroken at the moment, she was my baby and I loved her very much and shall miss her for a very long time. The box that the urn came in was really beautiful with a small bunch of flowers on top. After I left the vets I sat in my car and cried my eyes out. I just want to say a big thank you for the urn and the lovely box with the lovely flowers on top together with a certificate. Thank you.

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