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Richard says (21/10/2013 20:36:11):
I would Like to say once again a big thankyou to you all, I Had my Doberman Cremated last year, sadly my wonderful beautiful cat Mervin died we were devasted as he like our dog brought some much love to us Mervin died on the 13th October 2013, he will be sadly missed rest in peace Mervin

Thankyou once again xx
Anna Airbright says (15/10/2013 16:04:58):
Just picked up the ashes for my beloved Bonnie the Bichon, my constant companion for 12 years. I was apprehensive when the vet suggested it, but so glad now that she did. However, she didn't mention the name of your Crematorium at the time, so had to wait until today on receiving the box. Was impressed with the speed and the lovely presentation, and I thank you that I have her home again.
Now having seen your website I feel assured that Bonnie was treated with respect and dignity. Perhaps a point to mention to the vets you deal with: i.e. if they told their customers their pets were going to Summerleaze, it would give them some comfort to be able to view your website whilst waiting for their pets return. Thank you once again.
cheryl says (12/10/2013 08:00:23):
We had to make the decision to have our gentle bullmastiff put to sleep due to a tumour and his deteriation on Friday 4th October 2013. He came back in a lovely box with a certificate and is home with us where he belongs. So glad he went to summrleaze as our Yorkie back in 2008 was also cremated there. Looking on this web site gives me comfort knowing he was at a beautiful place. Thanks summer leaze. We will miss our big fella forever, he was a legend.
Sarah Lewis says (08/10/2013 12:12:58):
I would like to thank and praise Summerleaze for the fantastic care they took of my beloved dog Riley who sadly passed away on 30/09/13.
Not only was the experience made easier for me, the staff especially Cerrie who dealt with me and my questions made me feel at ease and that no question or query was too much.
Cerrie helped me to choose the correct casket for Riley and the whole cremation was dealt with respectfully and quickly in order for Riley to return home to me as soon as possible.
I wholly recommend Summerleaze for your pet in the event of your sad loss.
Many thanks again to all the staff.
Richard & Ceri + Henry`s brothers Louis & George says (24/09/2013 14:55:47):
Henry is now home with us, he passed away on 21.9.13, aged only 4yrs. Miss you every day and will always be in our thoughts. Summerleaze offered a beautiful ending to a beautiful member of our family. Love & Hugs xxx
Jeannine de Ville says (21/09/2013 21:20:23):
On 10.9.13 I had to have my beautiful 13 year old German Shepherd Kim put to sleep. The vet and staff were so kind but also reassuring about her being cremated as I wasn't sure about this; she has been returned to me today with her ashes in a lovely lined wooden box that even had a plaque on the top with her name engraved on it. I am so touched by this and want to say a huge thankyou, it feels like a dignified ending for her. She is now back home with her family and I feel a sense of well-being that I will be able to take her with me when I move house (which was the reason I didn't bury her in my garden).
You provide a wonderful service.XXX
sharon russell-wells says (20/09/2013 12:57:14):
we lost our 15 yr old collie on the 16th sept 2013,we kept him home that night as our last night as our family unit, today 20th sept 2013 i had the call from the vet to say bens ashes were coming home,the speed and dignity of this lovely service has bought us a lot of comfort and i cant thank these people enough for what they have done, to lose ben after 15 yrs is truly heartbreaking but to have him home after a couple of days is so lovely,hes home where he belongs,thankyou to you all, we appreciate what you do so very much xxxx
Lorna Crook says (19/09/2013 23:03:03):
We have just received our beautiful boy back via our vet and were so impressed with the basic package (we wern't sure we would cope with having a proper box) that i had to look you up and say thank you. Our little boy now has his wings and will play on earth but the care, attention and detail that has gone into returning him to us is just exceptional! The hole in our hearts remain but your presentation of sending him to his home where he belongs has touched our hearts and made us realise that we are not the only ones who see our fluffy babies as family. Thank you for your unique sentiment for our special boy who loved everyone who would show him attention...such a beautiful place you run, thank you doesn't even seem enough for what you do xxxx
The Mitchell's says (17/09/2013 21:50:15):
We lost our beautiful dog Amber on 13/9/13 and would like to say a big thank you to all at summerleaze. We really didnt know what to expect but we are so glad we used this facility as it allowed us to say our final goodbyes in a special way and somewhat eased the pain of an awful day and we are so glad we brought her ourselves and could say goodbye in the chapel.
The presentation of our girls ashes was also really nice and its good to have her home
Thank you to all the staff for the compassion shown
Michelle dixon says (17/09/2013 13:38:59):
I lost my boxer angel i had 15 years with her i was heart broken when she died 6/9/13 thanks summerleaze I now have her in my room once again

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