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Kate, Del and Dan says (15/07/2013 20:34:53):
Our little terrierist Ci Bach Coch ( Ceeba ) ashes came home today in a beautiful box with a spray of flowers attached. She is on the mantelpiece now for a few days until she goes to join Megan and Eira. She was all terrier and never realised she was a small dog and would take on all comers right up to her end. She was a good and faithful friend for 12 years and it's lovely to have her here with us until we are all buried together.
Sharon and Kevin Rose says (01/07/2013 21:02:52):
Our beloved Westie Holly lost her battle with diabetes on the 23rd June 2013 aged 13. She was cremated at Sumerleaze a day later. We collected her ashes from the vets a few days later to be presented with a beautiful urn in a box with flowers attached. There was also a certificate of cremation. It was so comforting to know that Holly was treated with respect as she deserved the best!!!!! We are heartbroken and miss her dearly, she s always in our thoughts and will never be forgotten. God bless Holly and thank you Summerleaze.
Wendy Glover says (16/06/2013 20:19:26):
We had to say Goodbye to our gorgeous white toy poodle GEORGIE on 3rd June 2013. She was our little fighter who has been so brave throughout her operations since January this year, she soldiered on carrying on with her six mile coastal walks she so much enjoyed within days of surgery. Her little legs have walked many many miles over the twelve years we have lived in Devon (Georgie being a year old when we moved here from the Midlands). She had thirteen wonderful years with us and was our companion and soul-mate. We miss you Georgie and always will. It was a tearful moment bringing her ashes home as you then realise its finalised but also lovely knowing she is back in the home she absolutely loved. Love you always and will never forget you our gorgeous walking buddy Georgie. xxxxxxxx
Lisa Cornock says (09/06/2013 21:37:32):
My little boy Ollie (our little chinese crested) - lost his fight for life at home on the 6th April this year, it has been so hard being without him, we had 13 wonderful years together but having him cremated and having his ashes back at home with us now is so comforting. It was nice today to finally get the strength and look on line to see where he was given his special cremation - this has helped me to feel better inside, thankyou for giving him a special sendoff x
Alison Williams says (05/06/2013 10:30:38):
I was Dreading today as I had to pick my cat's ashes frkm my locall vet. I decided on the natural brown sleeping cat caskets and I must say it has given me a great relief knowing my cat Tigger is back with me after being together for nearly 13 years. Every time I got upset, especially after the vet confirmed that she was very ill.Tiggy used to jump up on my lap to comfort me even the day she died. It was lovely to see where she was taken to be cremated. Thank you very much for your great service and lovely presentation.
Lindsay Jenkins says (31/05/2013 17:55:44):
We recently had to say goodbye to our beautiful staff Tara after 13 wonderfull years .we miss her so much she will always be in our hearts .we collected her ashes today it brought tears to my eyes the presentation was beautiful .thank you from the bottom of our hearts for looking after our girl and giving her the dignity that she deserved we feel so much more at ease knowing that she is with us .thank you again .
pauline and lyndon coburn says (26/05/2013 17:16:42):
we lost our handsome boy Rocky on the 26th of april 13 it was a quick decision to have him put to sleep but we did not want him to suffer we had 12 lovely happy years with him and he gave us so much love. We feel so much better now he is back home with us we will always love and remember you handsome sleep tight till we meet again mam and dadxx Thank you Summerleaze for your wonderful servicex
Antoinette Poole says (03/05/2013 14:36:40):
We lost Spike our beloved soul mate and best friend on 25th April 2013 after 14 years of being the PERFECT dog, we are heart broken! The decision was very quick we didnt want to see him suffer. But it still doesn't mean we don't miss him the house seems empty and cold with out him The urn, certificate and the box with the flowers were lovely, thank you! It's nice to know that you really understand and care what pet owners like us need at a time like this. R.I.P. Spike Poole we will never ever forget you xxxx love dad, mam and Louise x
robert reddy says (03/04/2013 22:30:09):
We said our goodbyes to our wonderful bailey on the 28th March. We have today received his ashes from the vets and it has given us such a sense of relief knowing hes back with us. He was a stubborn but a wonderful bichon. One of a kind. We love him so much and always will. He fought hard over the last 3 years we are so proud of him. God bless our special bailey you will be in our memories forever. We miss you so much
Euronwy Doughty says (28/03/2013 22:52:10):
Our beloved dog Pero died on the 15th March and our vet arranged for him to be cremated. We had no idea what to expect and were only just coming to terms with not having him around when we collected his ashes from the vets today. The beautiful box, urn and flowers were a lovely touch. Losing him was such a shock after 15 years, but it really helps to have found your website and seen where he went and how he was obviously treated with respect. Thank you for helping to make this sad process a little easier.

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