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Paul Newbery says (18/08/2014 10:33:06):
Tilly passed away on the 21st July 2014 but seems like yesterday.
I collected Tillys ashes from Tenby Vets on the 4th August not knowing what to expect, the presentation box plus floral tribute were perfect to ease some of the pain. Thank You.
TILLY forever my best friend.
MRS PAT MANNING says (14/08/2014 20:46:22):
Pat Manning says {14/8/2014] Thankyou for our darling Rubys beautiful wooden casket,with her ashes in it. We are still coming to terms of the sadness of her leaving us.Ruby was put to sleep on the 7th of August 2014 by the most caring of vets.As she was so very poorly. Are hearts are broken ,and there is such a big gap in are house. The box it came back in was so nice with the flower, and the certifcate of cremation is something i will always treasure.Sleep well my little darling,you are back home with those who will always love you. Thank you for the respect and dignity she so deserved..Thankyou for the years of so much pleasure.. love from your heartbroken family. and Molly your sister who is so sad..xxxxxx
The Feenan family. says (13/08/2014 15:30:38):
Thank you all from the bottom of our collectively broken hearts for the love and respect you showed our beloved dog Mitzi on her final journey. We lost her to old age at home on August 11th. She was collected for cremation yesterday by a wonderful man who handled her with the utmost care and returned her to us with the same care. The loving way in which Mitzi came home to us brought more than a tear to my eye. Her urn is as beautiful as she was, the certification of cremation and dried flowers were a lovely personal touch. Mitzi is now home, in her favourite corner. Knowing she was taken care of so well after leaving this world makes the still very raw pain a little easier. THANK YOU ALL xx RIP Mitzi (December 6th 1998 - August 11th 2014)
Stuart Poole says (13/08/2014 14:35:09):
I have just picked Bruno's ashes up from Holmer Vets in
Hereford, the way you returned him in the box with the flowers on top and the beautiful casket means so much to me, Bruno was my mate, my friend and more so my companion for nearly 15 yrs, I miss him so much, but knowing how you respected him means so much, I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart, xxxxxx
Claire and Barbara says (11/08/2014 20:57:53):
Thank you for your care and compassion shown to us In our loss of our boy"orphy". Being able to say goodbye in person in your chapel meant a lot to us. We miss orphy deeply along with our girl "Minnie" who you cared for .
Receiving his little casket back so beautifully presented was heartbreaking but so lovingly done so. We can see how much to you each little life means!
Thank you again for the devotion and care shown.,
Mandy and Anne Weldon says (08/08/2014 15:36:39):
Thank you for the beautiful way our boxer Bungle's ashes were returned to us. We hurt so much but knowing what good care you took of her made that easier for us.
Mandy & Mick Kinrade says (31/07/2014 16:36:37):
We have just had our little Westie Gracie returned to us in a beautiful wooden casket. Thank you so much for taking care of her with such pride and respect. Home again where she belongs.
Ruth Poulsom says (29/07/2014 19:31:37):
Thank you for the return of Stanley ,his death was very sudden it has only been a few days but we miss him greatly .now he is at peace and no more suffering .
Goodnight Stan now with Caramel and Barney .
elaine evans says (29/07/2014 00:06:15):
I've just joined the net and been fortunate to finally see where my little dog tipsy was cremated it looks such a beautiful place in 2007 i just want to thank you so much she was my life and we still miss her so thank you for taking good care of her
Kevin & Alison Pugh says (26/07/2014 08:37:43):
We sadly lost our boxer ( Tyler Bella ) and Jack Russell ( Benji ) who went to sleep together on the 21st July which totally broke our hearts Tyler was nearly 13 and her big brother Benji was nealy 15 when we lost them .
What made things that little bit easier for us was when we received their ashes back in such a lovely presented manner and care that was given to them and for that we are totally thankful for summerleaze for the care that was given to the both of them

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