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Karen Tayler says (18/10/2014 23:07:46):
Sadly on the 13th October 2014 we had to say goodbye to our beautiful little border terrier Solo. It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do and we all feel so heart broken even though we know it was for the best. She was a very special little girl that was left to us 8 years ago when her first mum and our friend sadly passed away. Today we collected Solo's ashes from our vets and would like to say thank you for the lovely scatter tube, certificate and flowers. Tomorrow (sunday) we will be saying our last farewell to Solo by scattering them at the grave of her mum.
Solo you will forever hold a special place in our hearts and I know you will always be with us. God bless you sweetheart. XX
Becky says (15/10/2014 23:36:11):
We sadly had our beautiful border collie Dylan put to sleep on 30/9/14 aged 14. He suddenly deteriorated over the weekend and by Tuesday he let us all know he had had enough. All the family were with him and we all said our goodbyes with loads of hugs and was so quick (a split second) and he had fallen asleep and had gone to doggy heaven. There hasn't been a single moment of the day where our family hasn't thought about him and we all feel in agony at losing him. There will never be anoher dog that could possibly come close to you Dylan, you were the light of all our lives and I know deep down that you'll never be too far away. No matter how much we all hurt and cry,we know that you are no longer suffering and you can play down the beach all day everyday my sweetheart. There is endless pebbles for you to play with, and I know your with your best pals (perdy and twix) we have kept all your yubbas (teddys) and they smell of you which brings us so much comfort. You came home to us today in a lovely photo frame box with some nice dry flowers and we all broke down again. But we know your beautiful spirit is somewhere safe and your happy.
You'll be with us forever in the house you grew up in and we will all be together for Christmas. Your in our hearts and thoughts always our beautiful boy. Sleep tight. We love you always ! Mum, dad, sister boo, loo and Claire, and brother john, dev and Jam xxxxxxxxx
Clare Taylor says (15/10/2014 22:20:11):
I collected my boy Jim yesterday from Animal Doctors in Clydach and want to say thank you for taking so much care in how he was returned to me, although I cried like a baby as a result. He is now back where he belongs behind the TV At 17 years old he took the decision to leave me, and on my birthday, making sure I would never forget him! Best dog ever!!
Ian McCormack says (15/10/2014 06:56:56):
In the early hours of a dark, wet and windy morning on the 6th October, I had the heartbreaking decision of putting my twelve and a half years old Staffy Skye to sleep. Her sudden illness and passing made it more difficult as she and I lay on a blanket together and after a last look and kiss from us both, her life ebbed quietly away. The care and love she gave to us over the years will be forever missed but our memories will always be strong. Summerhill Vets' staff were so kind and compassionate at this time and cremation seemed the only way as the thoughts of taking her home that dreadful morning didn't appeal. I was so amazed when the box arrived with a dried spray on top and cremation card. To have Skye returned home in an urn in such a caring and compassionate way was such a relief. RIP "my little chicken".Love you lots.
Thankyou to all the staff at Summerleaze X
Sandra lamb says (10/10/2014 06:26:36):
we sadly had to put to sleep our beautiful baby boy Jerry after nearly 14 years of having him as our friend companion and family member. This beautiful funny little cat gave us so much joy and to have him returned home to us in a beautiful little casket yesterday with dried flowers was just beautiful. Thank you for being so caring it's fantastic to have him home where he belongs. Rip my handsome beautiful boy. Sandra and brian lamb.
Suzanne Hall says (23/09/2014 22:26:13):
Thank you so much for your care of Shorty. She is very much loved and missed and was a wonderful dog. The presentation showed care and compassion and was greatly appreciated.
Alison Ahearne says (22/09/2014 21:08:22):
On the 16/09/2014 we sadly had to make the heartbreaking decision to let our gentle loving whippet milly be put to sleep to be with the angels. Due to her illness which she tried so hard to overcome. I instantly knew that a private cremation would be perfect for milly as she didn't like the cold at all and the thought of her being buried outside in the cold was heartbreaking for us.We picked up her ashes today from bridge vets Pontllanfrith. It still felt very raw but seeing how beautiful Millys casket with her ashes In we're presented, it gave me great piece of mind that my gorgeous girl was well looked after with dignity and care that she deserved. Words could not Thankyou all at summerleaze enough for returning my soulmate back to me and my children, who miss her dearly.
R I P sweet milly. Love and miss you always in hearts. Xxx
mr.c.pattemore says (20/09/2014 13:38:30):
10/09/14.15.20.we had to have our faithful collie cross sally put to sleep,she had a good 15yrs with us but due to many health issues,we had to make a heart wrenching decision to end her suffering. we would like to thankyou for the lovely casket ets.sally was rescued from a house were there was domestic upsets.she was loved a lot by everyone.she will be sadly missed.we have placed flowers where she always sat,flowers were given by one person who always said hello to her.many thanks once again from mr and mrs pattemore.
Mr & Mrs M Beckwith says (19/09/2014 12:28:22):
We picked up our gorgeous little Westie Cindys ashes yesterday afternoon after having to have her put to sleep in the evening of 8th September but a most compassionate and kind vet in Cardiff. We were very impressed by the beautiful way in which we received Cindys ashes. A beautiful little casket with dried flowers and a certificate. Now she is back where she belongs, at home with us where she belongs. Thank you Summerleaze. You did a fantastic job and made our grief easier to bear.
sarah oconnor says (02/09/2014 16:39:10):
I would like to say a big thank you I got my baby girl back today I sadley had to say goodbye to my baby girl 2weeks ago and couldt bear the thought of her not being home with me and to finally bring her ashes home today she is now where she belongs at home thank you so much.X

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