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Lynette Hill says (07/01/2015 12:14:27):
sadly on 12/12/14 we had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog jake still miss now but it was for the best. He was fifteen he was part of our family.I was with him wen he was put sleep I said my goodbyes and kiss him I still have my little cry wen iam on my own I like to say big thank you to summerleaze for all you done we had him home for Christmas he was the best dog great with grandchildren everyone love him sleep tight jake always love you xxxxxxx
Claire Funge says (07/01/2015 06:56:12):
We lost our beloved Westie boy, Stamford, just two days before Christmas. He was eleven years old and a huge, huge part of the family - gentle, funny, stubborn and very loving. It has been heartbreaking and he has left a huge hole in our lives and hearts. Yesterday I received his ashes back from my vets in Devon and I want to say 'thank you' to Summerleaze for making an awful situation that much more bearable. He has obviously been treated with great care and dignity and it has been a great comfort seeing your website and now having our boy back where he belongs. He's home now and at home he will stay. You run a very valuable service - thank you for caring.
Alison Foster says (09/12/2014 09:27:57):
We have lost several of our pet family members, Abbie our rough collie, Twinkle our one eyed teddybear rabbit, SJ our Rex, Honey our English rabbit and Sam our guinea pig. Today it will be the turn of Robbie-Ray our albino French lop, and although my heart is breaking, I know that Summerleaze will take good care of my boy. He was the life and soul of the house, be brought love and laughter, tranquillity warmth, these things will stay with me forever. I will have him returned to us in a casket with his name and dried flowers. Thankyou to all the staff for all your love, kindness and support over the years. RIP to all my babies.

Thankyou to all the staff at Summerleaze XX
Annie gardener says (07/12/2014 14:44:10):
I lost my little boy ronnie the bichon that was a big part of my life for 11 years 3 weeks ago :,( had his ashes back today and im so greatful with the care and love you showed him and respect,he was a lovely sweet little boy and a family member,always in my heart.hes home now where he belongs so thankyou once again summerleaze.beautiful birch casket with dried flowers too lovely touch.
Deborah Simpson says (22/11/2014 20:46:47):
On the 1/11/2014 Billy, our lovely Yorkie suddenly died after a short illness aged 6. My husband and I would like to thank Phil Thomas and all the veterinary nurses at Ystwyth vets who tried their very best to save him. Billy came to us when he was 11 months old, he had been badly mistreated by his previous owners, it broke my heart, but after adapting to his new surroundings of an acre of land to run free with another yorkie and two bichone frise, he was one very happy boy. So sorry you could not be with us longer, you gave us so ,such happiness and unconditional love. The boys miss you terribly just like us. The pain is unbearable, we have not stopped crying. Many thanks Summerleaze for the way in which Billy's ashes came back it was so beautifully presented. Miss you Billy more than words can say, you touched our hearts and we will never forget you, you will be with us wherever we go, even to your favourite Beach. Sleep tight, all our love, hugs, kisses and shoots, mommy, daddy, Jules, Jasper and Alfie xxxxxx who of whoof
Heather and David Lloyd says (21/11/2014 16:51:06):
We nursed our beloved dog 17 years old for 3 months. She was rescued from cruel owners when a puppy so you can tell how much we loved her. We miss her so much and have cried buckets. Collecting her ashes yesterday from our lovely vet was made easier by the beautiful urn card and flowers. We love you Pippa and not just a dog but as important as any family member. Bless all out there who going through the same pain
Deborah and Colin Simpson says (19/11/2014 22:22:44):
On the 1/11/2014 at 6.30, Billy our lovely Yorkie passed away after a short illness. He was only 6 years old, we rescued him at 11 months from being mistreated. He had the best life ever, instead of being shut in a cage all day, he was given a home with an acre of land and another Yorkie and 2 Bichone Frise playmates. He changed from a frightened dog to a happy carefree dog. I was so happy that my husband and I gave him that lovely life.
Thanks to all at Summerleaze for sending Billy back to us in a delicate urn and dried flowers, such a lovely touch for a lovely tender little boy.
He was a special dog to us, in more ways than one , our sadness at losing him is unbearable. He was very special to us and like in life, he will still have all the love in death. Love you always Billy, we will never forget you, you touched our hearts in so many ways. You will always be with us where ever we go, even to your favourite Beach, we will never let you go. Sweet dreams my baby, love, hugs and whoofs, mommy daddy, Jules, Jasper, and Alfie xxxxxxxxx
Kim mckie says (10/11/2014 18:28:26):
Thank you so much for the care and dignity you have shown my beloved Labrador Tilly who sadly had to be put to sleep last week by the lovely staff at Budget vets in Blackwood. I didn't know what to expect when collecting her ashes from the vets today and was totally overcome when I saw her box with the lovely dried flowers on it,. It displayed that my lovely dog had been shown compassion and care so I thank you so much for that as. I did worry that as you didn't know this wonderful animal that she might not be shown the care and love which we had for her. So thank you once again for looking after her! She really was a special girl and much loved xx
Karen Tayler says (18/10/2014 23:07:46):
Sadly on the 13th October 2014 we had to say goodbye to our beautiful little border terrier Solo. It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do and we all feel so heart broken even though we know it was for the best. She was a very special little girl that was left to us 8 years ago when her first mum and our friend sadly passed away. Today we collected Solo's ashes from our vets and would like to say thank you for the lovely scatter tube, certificate and flowers. Tomorrow (sunday) we will be saying our last farewell to Solo by scattering them at the grave of her mum.
Solo you will forever hold a special place in our hearts and I know you will always be with us. God bless you sweetheart. XX
Becky says (15/10/2014 23:36:11):
We sadly had our beautiful border collie Dylan put to sleep on 30/9/14 aged 14. He suddenly deteriorated over the weekend and by Tuesday he let us all know he had had enough. All the family were with him and we all said our goodbyes with loads of hugs and was so quick (a split second) and he had fallen asleep and had gone to doggy heaven. There hasn't been a single moment of the day where our family hasn't thought about him and we all feel in agony at losing him. There will never be anoher dog that could possibly come close to you Dylan, you were the light of all our lives and I know deep down that you'll never be too far away. No matter how much we all hurt and cry,we know that you are no longer suffering and you can play down the beach all day everyday my sweetheart. There is endless pebbles for you to play with, and I know your with your best pals (perdy and twix) we have kept all your yubbas (teddys) and they smell of you which brings us so much comfort. You came home to us today in a lovely photo frame box with some nice dry flowers and we all broke down again. But we know your beautiful spirit is somewhere safe and your happy.
You'll be with us forever in the house you grew up in and we will all be together for Christmas. Your in our hearts and thoughts always our beautiful boy. Sleep tight. We love you always ! Mum, dad, sister boo, loo and Claire, and brother john, dev and Jam xxxxxxxxx

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