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Vanessa Stone says (14/04/2015 21:46:13):
Sadly on the 30/3/15 we lost our beautiful cat Tigger who was part of our lives for 17yrs and 8 months was put to sleep leaving us all totally devastated and who are all missing him so much. We decided for a private individual cremation which was arranged through Milestone vets in Newton Abbot in Devon. Last Friday 10th of April we collected our Tiggers ashes from our vets. We would like to say a massive thankyou to summerleaze for the way our Tiggers ashes came back to us in his beautiful casket a long with his certificate and dried flowers which was a lovely touch which was enclosed in a lovely box.It has also been comforting to know that he was cared for and looked after whilst at summerleaze so thankyou so much and it is lovely now he is back home where he belongs. We all miss you Tigger you were our best friend and you will be in our hearts forever XXXXXXXX
Sandra & Allan Hunting says (13/04/2015 20:53:36):
We had to say goodbye to our darling cat, Ginger on 2nd April, following a Lymphoma diagnosis that was too far spread to treat. Ginger fell asleep on Allans lap, the place he loved most of all. Ginger was a stray that had wandered into our lives 12 years ago and he brought so much joy and sunshine into our lives . We are absolutely devastated, life will not be the same without him. We decided on a private cremation with Summerleaze organised for us by our vets Drove Veterinary Hospital. . He was returned to us on Friday, we choose the sleeping cat urn for his ashes, it is lovely and so fitting for Ginger. The ashes were returned in a lovely box along with the certificate and the posy on top was just perfect. We really feel Ginger had the loving and dignified send off he deserved. Thank you Summerleaze for the caring service you have provided. Sleep Tight Ginger, your pawprints are forever etched on our hearts.
lin says (05/04/2015 19:07:50):
i had by berties ashes back today , just an urn in a box where was his posy
Reply from admin: We are sorry that you are unhappy with the presentation. We can confirm that the posy was attached when it left Summerleaze. I am currently looking into this and will come back to you shortly. We will of course be happy to replace the posy. =Debbie Managing Director=
Christine Penhall says (02/04/2015 16:17:16):
Our dear beagle, Harry died on 20th March aged 11years 9 months. He had been so brave for three months undergoing a four hour operation and then chemo for a Marcel tumour. Our vet helped him on his way to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss him dreadfully. He gave joy to all who met him. Today we received his ashes back, and I would like to thank Summerleaze for the beautiful casket and posy. It is comforting to know he was with kind people and treated with dignity. Thank you.
Heather Watts says (25/03/2015 16:16:15):
I just want to thank you for the way that you dealt with my beloved Louis, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier aged 14, who had been very poorly and died in his sleep.
The casket is beautiful and the added touch of the flowers was very emotional.
He was sent via the Veterinary surgeon at Border Vets. Oswestry. Shropshire.
andrew peging and andrew shakshaft says (20/03/2015 19:13:27):
I just collected my dog Sammy ashes from riverside vets Abergavenny he was a cavalier king Charles spaniel nearly ten years old dearly loved and missed I would like to thank summerleaze pet crematorium for giving Sammy a dignified and a loving send off you will always be in our hearts forever
Leanne powell says (12/03/2015 19:35:59):
Our Lola may has come home today it has been such a sad time without our girl here with us we have missed her terribly, it so lovely to have her back with us it makes us smile xx Thankyou so much for taking care of our girl, the beautiful posie of flowers that you have placed on her box or as i call it her new cosy home are a thoughtful touch I'm sure she would love to be nuzzling them if she could! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxxxx
Sarah Brown says (12/03/2015 08:59:22):
My georgeous boy Clarence came home on the 9th March, devastatingly put to sleep on the 3rd of March aged about 14, we rescued Clarence almost 8 years ago and my heart is broken, totally lost without him, but at least his ashes are in a beautifully carved box which will remain with me Thank you, Clarence will always always stay in my heart missing you so very much i loved you so much you will always be my baby boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
trevor and sandra madeley says (01/03/2015 17:30:17):
we lost our belovd cocker spaniel jethro last feb after a short illness he was only 8yrs old we received his ashes in alovely urn with posy and certificate. we miss him greatly and always will but we have him home with us now for ever thank you summerleaze for wonderful service god bless jethro we miss you xx
Kate Musto says (26/02/2015 22:23:42):
A few days ago we lost our beautiful ragdoll baby Sapphire after she was hit by a car. She was only 18 months old and we are devastated, there really was no sweeter little girl. We chose to have her privately cremated and it is a decision I will not regret and a service I will use again. I emailed a few questions to you and they were answered very quickly and extremely kindly for which I am grateful. Today we went to collect her from the vets, her sleeping cat wooden urn is perfect and she is now back in her favourite spot in front of the fire. It's comfort to know that our little girl was treated with love and care throughout her time at Summerleaze. Thank you!

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