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Andrew Hale says (25/11/2016 19:42:55):
Losing my beautiful girl Misty overnight on 23rd November 2016 was truly devastating. Misty was 22 and a half, a magnificent grand old age for a cat. The following morning our vet recommended and gave me the contact details for Summerleaze for a private cremation. I admit that I was apprehensive about what would happen as I wanted Misty treated with the maximum respect and dignity she deserved. I rang Summerleaze and spoke to Carol and from the first moment could feel compassion and respect for the situation and made an appointment to take Misty to Summerleaze in the afternoon. Upon arrival we went through the friendly reception team and was directed to the main building where Carol came outside to greet us in a very friendly and courteous manner. Carol took us straight through to a private room area where Misty was lovingly placed on a pillow surrounded by flowers and candles in a bright and spotless room. There was no hurry to leave the room and when we was ready we went to another room to discuss requirements. There is an excellent and affordable choice of urns for the return of the ashes. Carol was not pushy at all and did not act like a salesperson and I opted for the curled cat option as it reminded me of how Misty used to sleep. After the whole procedure was explained fully Carol even invited me to have one final moment privately with Misty and I felt totally at ease that this was the perfect place for my beloved girl to be entrusted with. I returned the following morning to collect Misty and the same courteous greet was given on arrival. Again there was no rushing of anything and I was taken by Carol through to collect Misty from a private room and write some words in the book of condolence. The urn was placed in a beautiful box with her name printed on the front and even had a fresh flower thoughtfully attached to the top. I cannot thank all of the staff at Summerleaze for their dignity, care and compassion given to Misty in what was the most difficult day imaginable and now Misty is back home in her beautiful gasket resting peacefully. I would highly recommend Summerleaze without any hesitation and once again many thanks to the team, especially Carol.
Jane Morgan says (15/11/2016 18:14:09):
Thank you to all at Summerleaze . Our beautiful Border Collie Rio Morgan passed away on 8th November 2016. He had heart problems for the last 18 months and suddenly became very weak and poorly. We loved him so much and we are missing him. It was a great comfort to get his ashes back today. Thanks again. xxxx
Deborah Wibberley says (09/11/2016 22:09:23):
Today I picked up my beautiful baby Archie's ashes from my vets, New Street Vets in honiton. He was cremated with yourselves. As with my gorgeous cat Minty many years ago you have presented him back in such a loving way, the box is beautiful and the flowers in a blue bow a gorgeous touch. He died in such a tragic way that was very unexpected at only 2 years and 6 months old I though I had at least another 15 years left with him, I am heartbroken but so glad that both New Street Vets and yourself have treated him with such love and care and now take a little comfort he is here with us. Thank you again x
denzil and nikki pearce says (06/11/2016 15:16:46):
we lost our beautiful cat our princess tia 2 weeks ago through an illness which no one could know how long she would have, through our tears we know we can never have her back but in one way we do as we now have her ashes where she belongs at home with her mum and dad and sister willow, we have been told so often that we treated our girls like children i guess we did and maybe that,s why it hurts so very much, we would like to thank all at summervets who we now realize we had tia for 5 extra months we should never have had, and the great love and care that they all gave her and us, we must have been a pain, we would like to thank all at summerleaze too for the care, dignity, love and kind words that we have had, we will be going to do the book of remberance for our little t leaf as she was also known, so fly with the angels t leaf and play with all the leaves you can find, we love and miss you so much and doubt very much that our lives will never be quite the same again, when you went you took a part of us with you, so sleep well and cut out the cleaning, visit us sometimes, lots of love and purrs,
love always your mummy, daddy and willow
Jayne, Chris,Leon and Alicia says (25/10/2016 18:31:45):
We would like to thankyou all at Summerleaze from the bottom of our hearts, for bringing our beautifull dog ferdy back home,carefully wrapped in a rose decorated casket with a pretty keepsake flower and card.
We appreciate that you have taken care of our boy with kindness, compassion and love.He was a wonderful dog and we will cherish his memories forever and he will be with us always thanks to
Emma Richards says (24/10/2016 17:49:56):
I hank you so much to the staff at Summerleaze for such kindness and understanding over the passing of our beloved cat Smokey. Beautifully returned to us after her cremation. She will be forever in our hearts.
Thank you again.
Ann and Terry Morgan says (24/10/2016 14:27:13):
At the sad event of losing your very precious pet to find someone like the wonderful people at Summerleaze is a blessing.
Kera our wonderful Dobie was lost suddenly so the shock etc made it all very difficult for us all. Our Vets in Wellington took control and dealt with the final details , of course we wanted her home where we have our other past 2 Dobes we now have all three.
When we collected Kera the effect on us was uplifting as the attention to detail and the felling that everything was done with love and care. Thank you for caring for her at the very last human act in her existence.
A sincere thank you to you all xxx
Mr Mrs Dillon says (21/10/2016 17:59:08):
The loss of our beautiful Bud was so hard to take feeling like our hearts who ripped apart. We got our Staffie as a rescue dog at 1 year old, he had been so Miss treated but with time he settled really well. He was loving, funny, and a real character, we would like to thank you for looking after him so well. We got our beloved boy back from you today in a beautiful wooden box with a spray of flowers, he know takes pride of places in our display cabinet. We just want to thank you for you care of our boy 💔💔💔💔💔
Mark & Antony Fox-Parkes & Darren White says (02/10/2016 23:53:10):
We had our beautiful baby girl Panda put to sleep on Saturday 24th September. After having been through this process so many times before over the years it never gets any easier, they always leave a big hole in our lives. The Budget Vets in Blackwood were the first vet to ever mention a cremation as we had always just brought our fur-babies home to be put to rest in the garden. We got a phone call a few days later to say our Panda was ready to bring home. We didn't know what to expect. But we had a lovely keep-sake certificate and our baby girl was in the most beautiful urn (Bespoke Rose). We hadn't been given any choice of urns but what we were given was perfect. So as I sit here with tears in my eyes I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for looking after our baby girl. I hope you won't mind me saying that I hope it will be a good few years yet before we need your services again, but will make sure that when the time comes we well use you again. Thank you xx
Louise Piercy and Ben Wright says (01/10/2016 16:50:01):
Today we picked our dog Zekes ashes up from Drove Veterinary Hospital where he sadly passed away last week aged 12. He was a beautiful boy who had a long and happy life our hearts are broken without him. I just wanted to say thank you for making this sad time bearable, bringing him home in a beautiful wooden casket so he can rest peacefully where he belongs.

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