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Clare Snowdon says (10/03/2018 21:19:09):
Thankyou so much for your service.. I recently lost my beloved Dogue de Bordeaux SKY...she was a a member of our family for over nine years... she grew up with my daughter Holly and son Jamie... she was an amazing girl and always protected us ....she passed away of old age and I was so very glad to hear that you could cremate her for us so we could have her home forever.. beautiful box she came home in and fast and lovely service ... god bless you , you made the passing of our dog a lot easier for my family xxx
Keith Ball says (10/03/2018 17:54:04):
Our wonderful little miniature Jack Russell, "Poppy" was put to sleep by our local vet on 27 February 2018 after a relatively short illness. Poppy was born on 11 September 2003 and was our constant companion for over 14 years. She was more than a companion - she was absolutely a member of our family. I became her "Daddy" and I have never known such a loving, devoted, utterly loyal creature ever. My partner and I loved her so much and cared for her every need, every moment of the day. When she crossed over to the next world, (two days after my 70th birthday), we were inconsolable - totally devastated, but I know we will be together one day.

I was so pleased that our vet at Powderham Veterinary Practice, Newton Abbot told us that he would contact yourselves as he said you were very caring. This became so evident when Poppy was returned to us on Thursday in a beautiful rosewood casket, boxed with a lovely little bouquet of dried flowers, tied with a yellow ribbon on top of the box and a certificate. So thank you so very much for the care and compassion you showed to our little girl. You were wonderful and it has helped us both in our grief.
Wendy Hurst says (22/02/2018 20:26:35):
A massive thank you for the loving & caring way you dealt with our dogs ashes! When we picked them up from the vets we couldn't believe how beautifully they were presented! We chose a scatter tube as we are unsure what to do with his ashes as yet but was so pleased to see how the tube was boxed and the dried plants was a lovely touch as was the certificate of cremation. Dodger sadly died after getting hit by a car and has left a massive hole in our lives. He was just over three years old and gave us much love and happiness and naturally we are devastated.

Dodger we will miss you always our darling baby, you will always be in our hearts xxxxx
Elaine Philpot says (16/02/2018 15:14:23):
I have today collected the ashes of my 21 year old calico cat Itszy, whom I re-homed from Bath cat and dog's home in October 2000. She was a loving cat to me but could be a little tempramental to my grandchildren when they were very young. I am very thankful for the way her ashes have been presented back to me. They will be scatted in her own garden pot which the grandchildren can decorate with flowers and future spring bulbs. She will be with me always, but her health and recent epilepsy made it real for me that her time had come to sleep in peace and free of pain.Thank you for your care.Mum will always love and miss you Itszy.XXXX God bless.
Georgina Price says (01/09/2017 07:20:52):
A massive thank you for the loving & caring way you dealt with our dogs ashes! When we picked them up from the vets we couldnt believe how beautifully they were presented!
It was a massive shock for us as within 3 hours of taking her to the vets we had had her put to sleep but the way she came back to us with such love & care really has made a huge difference to us. Bella we will miss you terribly but will forever have you with us! Thank you again!
brian o callaghan says (31/08/2017 14:49:02):
I have put this message on this summersleaze pet forum as my local vets used this company to cremate my beautiful old cat.
words can`t describe the pain of loosing my crazy and beautiful cat.
to loose him when I was on holiday was bad enough , but to find out a company I never heard off was tasked to cremate him. was a bit of worry.
when he arrived home the tears flow.
I could not believe this company had taken so much love and care for my cat.
I am lost for words . thank you so very much.
rest in peace popeye (pops), I will see you one dayxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mary, Frank & Rebecca Traynor says (30/08/2017 21:46:08):
We lost our beautiful Alfie, a golden lab' on 21 August (2017). He was with us for 11 wonderful years and we are heartbroken that he has gone from us. We told the vet we would like a cremation and asked them to arrange it. We have had Alfie's ashes returned to us today. We didn't really know what to expect but I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the Rosewood casket - it's exactly what we would have chosen ourselves - and we loved the plaque with his name on it. The little dried flowers were a lovely touch. Thank you so much for giving him back to us in a lovely way.
Mrs Richardson says (23/08/2017 17:17:00):
Until now I have never felt inspired to write a review, good or bad, about any kind of service I have received. However, I was so impressed with Summerleaze that I just had to let other bereaved pet owners know about it.
I have experienced four other pet crematoriums, which ranged from pretty good to absolutely horrific. Two of them have now closed down. The absolutely horrific one is still open for business!! Also, another one I contacted, before I found Summerleaze, was obviously bad, with the owner very brusque and unfeeling – purely a financial venture for him!
I have to say, that in my opinion, Summerleaze is outstanding. It has beautiful, tranquil surroundings; with genuinely sympathetic staff who do not rush you and will do their utmost to accommodate your needs.
One of my needs was to spend some time alone with my dog Wendy, at the crem. before she was taken away. Not all crematoriums have that facility. At Summerleaze, a lovely room with seating, flowers, tissues etc. was provided for this purpose.
My other need was to see her actually in the incinerator and to see the person who was going to put her there. Of course not everyone would want this, thinking it far too macabre. But for me, it was incredibly comforting to see that she was being treated with great respect and gentleness until the very end. Paul, a man who has worked at the job for about twenty years, drew a curtain back and very gently picked Wendy and the flowers I had brought up into his arms (of course some dogs would be too heavy for this). I saw her moments later through the viewing window, laid out in the incinerator, just a few feet from me. Her head was facing me, surrounded by the bouquets of flowers, she had not just been thrown in there and she looked very peaceful. I even took a photo of her. Then moments later, I knew she would be no more. She would just be floating in the wind back to where we live – due to the prevailing westerly wind.
Karen, the lady in attendance, was extremely kind and understanding, having recently lost her own dog. If only attendants at human crematoriums were like her.
I went off for lunch at a retail park, about three miles away, and when I came back every bit of Wendy that had not floated away in the breeze, had been boxed up ready for me to take her home.
I had been through months of anguish waiting for the point when I knew I should put Wendy down. I did not wait until she was very ill and incapacitated, and doing the right thing for her nearly broke me. Being able to then say goodbye to her at such a lovely place as Summerleaze just about saved my sanity. What more can I say to recommend the place. It is well worth the journey if you live far away as I do.
Robert Young says (17/08/2017 00:37:01):
I would just like to thank all of the staff for taking care of our dog Marley. Today he was returned to us in his beautiful wooden casket. And although we miss him dearly, the pain of losing him so suddenly has been helped by being able to have him back home safe. Thanks again for such a wonderful service. Xx
Phillip Smith says (04/08/2017 12:19:17):
Our beautiful chihuahua, Poppy, tragically passed away after being hit by a car. She was just 9 months old. We commend Carol and the team at Summerleaze for their professional service which is nothing short of fantastic. We were allowed some private time with Poppy in a nice room. We picked Poppy's ashes up a few days later in a lovely casket. From start to finish Carol was our rock in what was such a terrible time for us. Thank you so much

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