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If you are a Vet, Veterinary Practice or other Animal Institution, and would like to learn more about how Summerleaze Pet Cremitorium can help you with cremation arrangements and waste management services, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


In the first instance, please contact Kay Legge on 01633 881652 or email the Summerleaze customer service department on


Summerleaze have been working with vets throughout England & Wales for over 20 years - providing a comprehensive, efficient, professional and cost effective waste management service. Our secret has been to tailor our services to suit our clients’ individual requirements - thus guaranteeing a superior level of service - which our existing client vets have come to expect.


Our Services include:

• Hazardous and Non hazardous waste collections and disposal. This includes all coded waste streams - making Summerleaze a 'One Stop Shop' for ethical and economic waste disposal.

• Recycling of waste where possible and as appropriate

• Waste audits - helping you and your practice work within the current legislation.

• Confidential computer disposal & data destruction service. With an eye on the Data Protection Act, we can ensure that any legacy data held on redundant computers and hard drives is gauranteed destroyed whilst hardware is disposed of through the appropriate channels.

• Bereavement counselling courses for Veterinary staff to help you to help your clients at what can be a very sad time for them.

• Waste Training to ensure your practice is compliant to UK and EU Legislation

If you would like to talk to us about these or any other waste management requirements, please contact Kay


New and existing clients can also obtain a  Password for our Clients Area by contacting Kay.